Level 7 (400/800/800)
Total Entrants: 138

Retired cowboy and rodeo star Grant Hart (pictured) is doing well in Flight B, though he's showing down few hands.

Hart limps in the cutoff for 800 and the button does the same. Valerie Cross completes from the small blind and the big blind checks his option. The flop comes 9♠6♣4♦, and the blinds check it over to Hart. Hart bets 3,000 for a pot-sized bet.

The button calls and the blinds fold, taking the hand heads-up to the 9♦ turn. Hart again assembles chips and bets 4,000 this time. The button thinks for a few minutes and then tosses in chips to call.

The 3♥ completes the board and Hart goes to work putting together a bet and slides it into the middle. The button asks for a count and the answer comes back as 6,500. The button thinks, checks his hole cards one last time, and then folds.

Grant Hart - 48,100


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