Level 16 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 392
Players Remaining: 45

Average Stack: 174,000

The RG Main Event field is in the money but not without a few double ups to make things interesting. 

The two largest doubles belonged to Jacob Seale (pictured above) and Craig Norals (pictured) below. 

Norals shoved for 190,000 with KK♠ in early position and Ben Warlock called with A♠Q. The J♣65 flop kept Norals ahead but Warlock picked up some outs on the Q♣ turn. No ace or queen hit the river, though, and Norals doubled. Warlock falls back to 550,000.  

On another table, Adam Mirliss bet 50,000 on a flop of K♣6♠5♠ and Seale called all-in for 47,000 with 55♠. The AK of Mirliss was drawing nearly dead and a brick on the turn knocked him down to 80,000.

Two hands later, John Butler shoved the small blind with A4 and Seale called off with K♠J♠ in the big blind. An ace flopped and Mirliss is the bubble boy. Butler is the chip leader with 800,000. 

The final 45 all receive at least $882 and are one step closer to the $43,057 first-place prize.

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