Level 13 (2000/3000/3000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 65
Chip Average: 116,307

The action folds to Vito DiStefano on the button and he raises to 9,000. Barney Thomas (pictured above, left) in the small blind calls and Roy Hill in the big blind three-bets all-in for around 70,000. DiStefano folds and Thomas goes into the tank.

The two players have about equal stacks and Thomas must decide whether to go with his hand. After almost a full minute, Thomas announces a call and the hands are turned up.

Hill - K♠K♥
Thomas - A♥K♦

"I knew you had that hand!" Hill shouts, standing up.

The flop comes A♦4♣2♦, giving Thomas a hammer-lock on the hand.

"I knew you had that hand," Hill repeats, pacing around the table.

The turn brings the A♣ to leave Hill drawing dead. The meaningless 8♠ completes the board and the dealer starts counting down the stacks. With the math done, Thomas has Hill covered by a few thousand chips, sending Hill to the rail.

Barney Thomas - 151,000
Roy Hill - Eliminated

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