Level 13 (2000/3000/3000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 71
Chip Average: 106,478

Dacoda Salter moves all in from early position and Michael Waterstradt re-shoves for more. Tomas Teran (pictured), next-to-act, shoves all-in. Ann Palculict then shoves for all her chips as well. Everyone else folds and the hands are turned up.

Salter - K♦Q♦
Waterstradt - A♥K♥
Teran - 7♠7♥
Palculict - A♣K♣

The pot is a massive 400,000 with the pocket sevens a 42% favorite heading to the flop. The flop comes T♠8♠6♥, which only boosts Teran's pocket pair. The turn brings the J♣, giving everyone a sweat. But the river is a complete blank with the 3♥, and the pocket pair collects a mountain of chips.

Tomas Teran - 398,000
Ann Palculict - 4,000
Michael Waterstradt - Eliminated
Dacoda Salter - Eliminated

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