Level 26 (30000/60000/60000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 4
Chip Average: 1,890,000


Dustin Stewart (pictured) moves all-in for 615,000 from the cutoff and Gary Burks calls on the button. The blinds fold and the hands are turned up.

Dustin Stewart - K♠8♣
Gary Burks - 7♦7♣

Stewart seems pleased to at least be racing, and the flop brings a mini-sweat when it comes 6♠5♥4♣. The T♠ on the turn changes nothing, and the 4♥ on the river seals Stewart's fate.

For Stewart's performance in the Main Event, he earns a $10,508 payday.

Gary Burks - 2,275,000
Dustin Stewart - Eliminated

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