Level 25 (25000/50000/50000)
Total Entrants: 378
Players remaining: 5
Chip Average: 1,512,000

Gary Burks limps for 50,000 in late position and Vito DiStefano (pictured) moves all in for 715,000 from the small blind. Pej Primo folds the big blind and the action is back on Burks.

Burks takes awhile to decide what to do and after several minutes say, "I think I'm ahead now but I don't know if it'll hold."

"What do you have? Deuces?" DiStephano asks.

Another 30 seconds pass and Burks slides in a stack of chips to call.

"You must have nines," DiStephano says as the chips are going in.

DiStefano - A♣Q♥
Burks - 9♦9♣

"Wow," Pej Preemo says. "Good read."

The board runs out dry for the ace-queen, J♣4♥2♠3♦T♣, and Burks nines take the pot.

For his performance in the Main Event, DiStephano takes home $8,051 from the prize pool.

Gary Burks - 2,325,000
Vito DiStefano - Eliminated

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