Level 7 (250/500/50)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 237
Total Day 1B Entries: 160

Chuck Marty is a few steps ahead of the Day 1B field and the first one from today to hit 100,000. 

The odds weren't at a lottery jackpot level of astronomical but the math of a player being at the 100,000 mark at this stage of Day 1B certainly was not favorable. Chuck Marty, aka, "Brandon Fish Sr." missed that memo and is the only player currently sitting at the six-figure mark. 

Marty is sitting in the back corner of The Horseshoe poker room and collecting chips at a rapid pace. With 200 big blinds in his stack, Marty is more than capable of taking a few hits and maintaining his edge on the field.

We saw Tyler Tabman build his stack in the later stages of Day 1A and perhaps one of the players chasing Marty might catch him but for now, Marty is the player with the best chance of bagging the chip lead from this flight. A look at the leaderboard is below. 

Chuck Marty - 100,000
Terry Williams - 75,000
Scott Buller - 70,000
Jovan Sudar - 65,000
Frank Tian - 63,000
Ric Cacho - 60,000

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