Level 6 (200/400/50)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 230
Total Day 1B Entries: 153

We are officially halfway through Day 1B of the RunGood Main Event in Council Bluffs and the field is on their second break of the day. The total entrants in the field are now at 230 with registration open all the way until the start of Day 2. 

The field is beginning to pare down in accordance with the increasing blinds and as a result, the race for the chip lead is officially underway. Tyler Tabman's 143,100 is the number to beat to claim the yellow jersey before the start of Day 2. There is a minimal chance that any player is already at that total but a few have started their journey toward overtaking Tabman. 

As Level 7 gets started the RunGood Blog will be out in the field looking for the early chip leaders and will return shortly with a glance at the leaderboard.