Level 1 (50/100)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 162
Total Day 1B Entries: 85

Of the 77 players who entered on Day 1A, 19 managed to make it to the finish line and a spot in Day 2. The race for the chip lead was predominately a one-sided affair as Tyler Tabman jumped out in front midway through the day and held on through the end of Level 12.

A total of five players bagged over 100,000 from the flight including the RunGood Tulsa Main Event runner-up, Greg Jennings, who turned a Level 11 entry into 128,200. 

Tabman's pace puts a high bar for Day 1B participants and we will see if anyone from this flight comes close to or possibly overtakes him. A full look at the chip counts from Day 1A is below. 

Tyler Tabman 143,100
Greg Jennings 128,200
Richard Arndt 127,700
Kevin Juhl 111,300
Ryan Phan 108,000
Phil Mader 93,600
Eric Norvell 87,500
Kirk Smith 83,700
Jim Devaney 82,300
Bhaskar Setti 84,400
Clint Lilienthal 81,500
Scott Davis 71,900
Ben Mathes 68,300
Scott Allacher 56,000
Oscar Mendez 49,000
Mark von Schlemmer 47,200
J.J. Feregrino 46,500
Jasen Currie 30,200
Phil Thomas 21,100
Papa Karn 19,700
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