Level 12 (1,200/2,400/400)
Day 1B Entrants: 105
Total Entrants: 169
Day 1B Players Remaining: 22

The stampede to the finish line of Day 1B featured a few all-ins as players did their best to chip up before Day 2. RunGood's Dan Martin (pictured) put Mo Nuwwarah in a tough spot to end the night and launched himself into six-figure territory in the process. 

Nuwwarah opened the hijack to 5,400 and Martin defended his big blind. Martin check-called for 4,300 on the Q6♠2♣ flop and for 7,300 on the K turn. The 4 river got patted by Martin and Nuwwarah bet 14,000.

Martin shoved for 71,000 more and Nuwwarah was in hell for most of his chips.

Two minutes passed and Nuwwarah mucked. Martin declined to show and has 111,500 coming into tomorrow. Nuwwarah returns to 99,500. 

Chris Horter (pictured above) and Darrell Glass (below) both have over 180,000 waiting for them when Sunday gets started at 12:00 pm. RunGood's Jamie Kerstetter advanced with 110,000. The Hinkle brothers remain bagless. 

The full list of chip counts will be posted when they are available. A total of 35 players are through to Day 2, so far. Below is the leaderboard from Day 1B along with a few notables. 

Chris Horter - 188,500
Darrell Glass - 183,500
Mike Fouts - 149,000
Bhaskar Setti - 134,000
Dan Martin - 111,500
Jamie Kerstetter - 110,000
Chris Juul - 101,0000
Mo Nuwwarah - 99,500

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