Level 10 (500/1,000/100)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 255
Total Day 1B Entries: 178

Jovan Sudar hasn't been bashful about putting chips in the middle and is so far reaping the benefits of his aggressive play. 

We might as well just stop anointing a certain player as the *Dr. Evil air quotes* "favorite" to bag the chip lead as it continues to switch hands on Day 1B. The latest player to hold the yellow jersey is Jovan Sudar, who is putting players to the test with little regard for their stack size and is being rewarded for his cavalier play. Sudar is closing in on 175,000 and is, for now, the chip leader after taking down two interesting hands. 

The first hand featured Terry Williams being put at risk for his stack of 70,000 before a flop was even dealt. A player from early position limped in and Williams raised to 2,500 from the hijack. Action folded to Sudar in the big blind, who wasted little time putting a pile of gray 5,000 chips in the middle to put Williams at risk. Williams thought for a minute and then folded J♣J♠face up to relinquish the hand and send the pot over to Sudar.

The next hand, the same player limped in from early position and Duane Gerleman raised to 2,600 from the hijack. The player on the button moved all-in for 6,000 and Sudar put the same heap of chips in the middle. The early position player folded with about 30,000 behind and Gerleman decided to save his 54,000 for another time. Sudar turned over AQ and had the all-in player's A10 crushed. The board ran clean and Sudar collected more chips.

There isn't much time left in Day 1B but if Sudar continues to mix it up as he has been there's plenty of directions his chip stack could go before the bags come out.

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