Level 9 (400/800/100)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 252
Total Day 1B Entries: 175

The life of Grant Hinkle is something to behold and he's making it look easy on Day 1B with his current status as the chip leader. 

Chuck Marty's stay at the top of the leaderboard is officially at an end after a run of a few levels. Marty's stack is in the process of being absolved by a few players at his table including Nick Burris and RunGood's Justin Gardenhire. As Marty falls, Grant Hinkle rises and the RunGood pro is the new chip leader with only a few levels left in the night. 

Hinkle is playing close to 120,000 and is taking advantage of a table change that took place a few levels ago. Grant is the player to beat but lurking behind is his younger brother Blair, who his sitting with 80,000 of his own. 

Level 9 is almost at an end and the Day 1B will be on their final break of the night in just a few minutes. When they return, only two hours and three levels of poker will be left standing between them and a place in Day 2. The RunGood Blog will resume coverage at the start of Level 10 as the Day 1 marathon turns into a sprint to the finish line. 

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