Level 10 (800/1,600/200)
Day 1B Entrants: 105
Total Entrants: 169
Day 1B Players Remaining: 44

"The Hinkle Challenge" is world-famous for its audacity and propensity for the BIG SWEAT. The Hinkle's ran out of chips on a few occasions on Day 1A and eldest brother Grant (pictured) is fighting to keep the team's hopes alive today. Hinkle took down a pot against RG Bounty Champion Doug Hutchinson. 

On a flop of K5♣5♠, Hutchinson checked the big blind and Hinkle bet 2,500 on the button. Hutchinson called and they both checked the 10♣ turn. The 7 river led Hutchinson to bet 1,600. Hinkle raised to 5,000 and that was enough to win the pot.

With the last two levels approaching, Hinkle is the last member of the tribe remaining as he sits behind 50,000.

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