Level 7 (400/800/100)
Day 1C Entrants: 133
Total Entrants: 302

It did not take long to find the chip leader midway through Day 1C. Vam Muddarla (pictured) dragged in a 100K pot when we walked by his table thanks to a cooler he was on the right end of. 

Muddarla turned a full house to upend his opponent's trips and all the money went in with Muddarla having the double up in hand. He is the first player to hit six figures in this flight and more players will join him at that figure in the coming levels. 

Andy Van Blair's current clubhouse lead of 203,500 is not impossible to catch and if Muddarla can find another cooler in his favor late in the night, he has the chance to be in the overall lead at the start of Sunday. 

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