Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Day 1C Entrants: 142
Total Entrants: 311

RG Council Bluffs Main Event players are on their second and final break of Day 1C. More players managed to climb into contention for the chip lead in the last few levels and Bob Cosner (pictured) is among them. Cosner found a fortunate river and is in the top part of the of the leaderboard as a result. 

On a flop of 108♠3♠, The big blind checked and the hijack bet 14,000 into a pot of close to that size. Cosner called in the cutoff and the big blind followed suit.

The 6 turn was checked again by the big blind and the hijack moved all-in for 22,200. Cosner called all-in for 7,300 and the big blind folded. The hijack had the lead with JJ♠ and Cosner had outs at his disposal with K♠Q♠. The 9♠ fell on the river and Cosner took in the pot.

Four levels remain in the night and Cosner will look to continue building. Vam Muddarla remains in the lead and below is a look at the leaderboard heading into Level 9. 

Vam Muddarla - 115,000
Joe Walters - 90,000
Matt Hennig - 83,000
Bob Cosner - 74,000
Greg Jennings - 72,000
Bernard Morrow - 70,000

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