Level 17 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 278
Players Remaining: 36
Average Stack: 154,500

In his first career live tournament, Ben Mathes is in the money of the RunGood Council Bluffs Main Event. 

Hand-for-hand play lasted for nearly all of Level 17 but the field is now officially in the money. 

RunGood's Ray Henson earns the distinction of bubble boy after his A♠10 lost to Blair Hinkle's QQ♠ for Henson's last 52,500. With Henson's elimination, Grant Hinkle is the last member of the RunGood team in the tournament.

In the last level, Mark Fink surged up the leaderboard and is the current chip leader with 400,000 but there are quite a few players not far behind him including Ryan Phan (310,000), Alex Candelaria (315,000), David Caron (270,000), and Linn Shoesmith (280,000). 

Now that the field is officially in the money, hand-for-hand play will cease. Once the field reaches 27 players, there will be a draw for the final three tables and then a draw at the final 10. It should be an exciting race to the final table and the RunGood Blog will be here as we move toward the final table. 

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