Level 16 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total RG Main Event Entries: 278
Players Remaining: 37
Average Stack: 150,000

Jared Mohnen flopped a set at the perfect time to triple up on the money bubble. 

The money bubble is always a perilous time for short stacked players with the line between walking away with at least a min-cash and nothing at all is thread-thin. Jared Mohnen put all of his chips at risk right on the bubble and tripled up to all but secure himself a trip to the payout cage. 

Mohnen open-shoved for 49,500 from the hijack and Mike Rieck re-jammed from the button for 66,000 to officially put Mohnen at risk. Blair Hinkle looked at his cards from the small blind and called 15 seconds later to put both players at risk. Hinkle was a favorite to knock both players out with Q♣Q against the 6♣6♠ of Mohnen and the AQ of Rieck.

The 986♥ flop gave Mohnen a set and left Hinkle needing the case queen to eliminate his two opponents. The A turn saved Rieck's tournament life and the 5♠ river locked up the pot for Mohnen.

When the dust settled, Mohnen stacked up to 160,000 and Rieck was left 35,000 after taking down the side pot. Hinkle is playing 200,000 but has to be wondering how much more it could have been had the board run clean.

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