Level 13 (500/1500/3000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 37
Average chips: 107,567


We are coming to the end of the first level of play and Day 1 chip leaders Jesse Jones and Grant Hinkle have been contesting pots on the regular. Jones, seated on Hinkle's direct left, has used his position to get the better of the exchanges.

We missed the early action and arrive at the table on the turn. The board shows K♣7♥6♥A♥. Hinkle is on the button with Jones in the small blind, and Jones is calling Hinkle's turn bet, putting around 30,000 in the pot.

The river brings the 8c, and Jones checks. Hinkle takes a few seconds and then bets 20,000. Jones betrays nothing by his body language, but takes a full minute to decide what to do. In the end, he tosses in the chips to call and Hinkle turns over 8♠8♦ for a rivered set.

Grant Hinkle - 186,000
Jesse Jones - 262,000

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