Level 13 (500/1500/3000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 40
Average chips: 99,500

Cards are in the air and Rodney Spriggs (pictured, left) is the first to exit. First to act on the first hand of the day, Spriggs opens for 9,000. Vincent Ramirez calls from two seats over and Travis Taylor calls from the button. The flop brings 9♦8♠4♦, and Spriggs wastes no time moving all in for around 56,000. Ramirez calls and Taylor folds.

Spriggs - J♣T♣
Ramirez - 9♥9♦

Ramirez's set leaves Spriggs with eight outs for a straight. It comes in on the turn with the Q♣ and now it's Ramirez who needs to catch to avoid being crippled. The 8♠ rivier does just that, pairing the board and giving Ramirez a full house.

Another player was eliminated at another table and we are now down to 40 in the field.

Ramirez - 173,000
Spriggs - out

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