Level 15 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entrants: 293
Players Remaining: 30
Chip Average: 195,000

Hand-for-hand play lasted for only two hands as Michael Beaty did the dirty work of eliminating Dustin Hill (pictured) on the bubble to bring the field down to 30 players. 

Hill shoved under the gun for 35,000 with 1010♠ and Beaty called out of the big blind with KQ. Beaty has been running well today and that continued on this hand. The 86♠5♠K♣7♠ board gave Beaty a better pair to send Hill out. Beaty chips up to 480,000 and is second in chips behind JD Akins.

Akins (pictured) owns more than 10 percent of the chips in play and is a favorite at this stage to make the final table and win his cruise seat. The updated leaderboard is below as the field heads out on break.

A full redraw will take place at 27 players and counts for the remaining players will be provided then.

JD Akins - 700,000
Michael Beaty - 480,000
Dan Lowery - 405,000
Daniel Stone - 325,000
Norm Glueckert - 280,000
Shane Smith - 250,000
Mike White - 200,000

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