Level 22 (4000/12000/24000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 5
Average chips: 796,000

The action folds to Jim Indiveri (pictured) on the button and he moves all in for his last 69,000. Craig Dick calls from the small blind and Jesse Jones thinks it over before folding the big blind.  Indiveri asks, "You got anything good?"

Indiveri - Q♣4♣
Dick - A♠5♠

Indiveri is behind but has live cards. The flop brings 9♥3♦2♥, which changes nothing. The 5♣ on the turn steals a few of Indiveri's outs, but none of them materialize when the J♣ hits the river.

Craig Dick - 646,000
Jim Indiveri - out


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