Level 22 (4000/12000/24000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 6
Average chips: 663,333

The action folds around to Grant Hinkle in the big blind and he completes to 24,000. Matt Ellis (pictured) in the big blind raises to 80,000 and Hinkle calls.

The dealer puts out a flop of J♦4♠3♦. Hinkle checks and Ellis continues for 120,000. Hinkle asks how much the bet is and then raises to 325,000.  Ellis quickly moves all in and Hinkle snap calls.

Ellis - A♠A♥
Hinkle - 3♠3♥

Ellis's aces are way behind Hinkle's set of threes. The J♠ hits the turn, improving Hinkle to a full house, but giving Ellis two additional outs. The 6♥ falls on the river to end Ellis's tournament run.

Hinkle is now far and away the chip leader, with more than half the chips in play.

Grant Hinkle - 2,048,000
Matt Ellis - out

Downstream casinoMain eventRungood poker series