Level 20 (8000/16000/16000)
Total Entries: 386
Players Remaining: 13
Chip Average: 593,346

Joseph Gatlin (pictured), who was reportedly playing his first live tournament, has been eliminated from the Main Event. Gatlin raises from under-the-gun to 100,000 and the action folds back to Mark Barrientos in the big blind. Barrientos announces all in and Gatlin quickly calls.

Gatlin - J♥J♣
Barrientos - K♥T♥

Gatlin is well ahead but must hold to stay alive in the tournament. The flop comes in Gatlin's favor when it falls A♣8♥6♠, but the K♣ hits the felt on the turn, giving Barrientos the better pair. Gatiln needs a jack on the river to stay alive, but the 8♠ comes instead.

Gatlin has put up a remarkable performance for a first-time outing and has earned a payday of $2,490.

Mark Barrientos - 1,080,000
Joseph Gatlin - Eliminated

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