Level 20 (8000/16000/16000)
Total Entries: 386
Players Remaining: 12
Chip Average: 643,333

We missed the action but Dan Lowery gave us the blow by blow for the hand that eliminated Reginald "Shawn" Roberts (pictured) in 13th place.

Roberts raised to 32,000 from late position and Lowery called from the big blind. The flop came QxTx6x with one club. Roberts continued for 40,000 and Lowery called. The T♣ came on the turn, and Lowery led with a shove all-in. Roberts quickly called and the hands were turned up.

Roberts - JxTx
Lowery - 8♣7♣

Roberts holds trip tens but has to hold against Lowery's straight and flush draws. The river brings the 2♣, completing Lowery's flush and eliminating Roberts from the Main Event.

For his performance in the Main Event, Roberts takes home $2,490.

Daniel Lowery - 1,150,000
Shawn Roberts - Eliminated

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