Level 20 (8000/16000/16000)
Total Entries: 386
Players Remaining: 11
Chip Average: 701,818

John Moore opens the pot on the button for 45,000 and Justin Gardenhire (pictured) shoves all-in for 334,000. After getting the count, Moore calls and the hands are turned up.

Moore - J♠J♣
Gardenhire - A♠K♠

It's a flip for Gardenhire's tournament life. The flop brings little to get excited about, 9♠7♥6♦, but the 6♠ on the turn gives Gardenhire nine more outs to a flush. The river brings none of them as the 9♥ hits the felt.

Gardenhire goes out in 12th place, earning himself a $3,300 payday.

John Moore - 1,540,000
Justin Gardenhire - Eliminated

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