Level 15 (500/2500/5000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 27
Average chips: 142,107

With the elimination of RG Pro Daniel Lowery and Raylene Celaya, we are down to 27 players. Seats have been redrawn and play is back underway in Level 15.

We missed Lowery's bustout hand, but Celaya ran her big slick into the pocket aces of her opponent; the flop brought an ace and Celaya hit the rail.

Chip leader Jesse Jones has extended his lead to 412,000, while the last RG Pro still in, Grant Hinkle, has rebounded back above his Day 2 starting stack to 284,000.

Li Wu and Chuck Chadwick are still in the top ten, and we'll bring you updated chip counts following the break at the end of Level 15.

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