Level 15 (500/2500/5000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 25
Average chips: 159,200

We are just 5 away from the money, with the pressure building on the short stacks to steal or shove for a double and stay alive for a payday. Nick Lanza shoved for his last 32,000 but didn't get any callers, increasing his stack to 50,000. Two hands later, he shoves again.

This time, Matt Ellis calls from the big blind and the hands are turned up:

Nick Lanzi - J♥T♥
Matt Ellis - A♣K♦

Lanzi is behind and at risk, but the flop falls in his favor, pairing his ten and an open-ended straight draw: 9♦T♦Q♥. Ellis can only win with an ace as a king will fill Lanzi's straight.  The turn 6♣ changes nothing and the river is the same with the 2♣ hitting the felt.

Nick Lanzi - 97,000
Matt Ellis - 176,000

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