Level 16 (1000/3000/6000)
Entrants: 199
Players remaining: 20
Average chips: 199,000

Two all in bets were in progress at separate tables on the button. In the first, JD Hays was facing an all-in bet from his opponent. Hays eventually folded.

In the other, Matt Ellis opened the action with a raise and Tim Black (pictured) shoved for his last 45,000. The action folds back to Ellis who calls and says, "I apologize in advance."

Tim Black - K♣K♦
Matt Ellis - 7♦5♣

Black is way ahead but at risk, and in an unlikely runout, Ellis catches runner-runner straight to eliminate Black: A♥J♣6♠4♠8♦. In addition to the bad beat, Black gets uncoveted title of bubble boy for this RGPS Main Event.

Matt Ellis - 330,000
Tim Black - Out

Immediately following Black's exit, two more players were eliminated and the players have re-drawn for seats with 18 players left. We'll bring you the names of those busting out in upcoming posts.

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