Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Total RG Main Event Day 1A Entries: 120

About half of the 120 players who entered Day 1A are still in the field as the second and final break of the day arrives in Kansas City. Those still in are about to be on a 15-minute recess before they return to battle for a spot in Day 2. 

During this break in the action, we would like to thank our sponsor for the 2017 Spring Brawl, KO Watches. All winners of RunGood events the past few months have received a customized KO Watch that is great for all lifestyles. Only a few are left to be handed out before the RunGood Fall Series starts in the back end of the year. 

As a treat for all players taking part in the RG series, anyone who makes a purchase from the KO Watches website will receive a 15 percent discount with the promo code "RGPS."