Level 12 (1200/2400/400)
Day 1A entries: 82
Players remaining: 17
Average chip stack: 96,470

After six hours and twelve rounds of battle on the felt, 17 players have advanced from the original 82 entries to Flight A. Jacob Seale (pictured) emerged from the field as the Day 1A chip leader.

Below are the official chip counts for the players listed heading into Day 2 on Sunday:

Jacob Seale            246,000
Russell Licking            199,500
Justin Gardenhire            145,000
Kristian Olsen            140,500
Cash Carpenter            104,500
Benjamin Reason              97,500
Jay McVeigh              91,500
Michael Jensen              89,500
Jeff Tebben              80,500
Alex Marler              75,000
Paul Strohm              69,500
Damon Wedel              66,000
Beav Wilshire              62,000
Christopher Juul              59,500
Megan Thomson              50,000
Keith Murrell              38,500
Graham Yone              25,500


We'll be back tomorrow at 7 p.m. to cover all the action for Day 1B of the RGPS Main Event at the Harrahs' North Kansas City.

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