Level 6 (300/600/600)
Total Entrants: 54

We arrive at Table 13 with a hand brewing between Cash Carpenter (pictured) and Justin Young. The flop reads A♥K♥4♣, and Young leads the flop for 2,200. Carpenter calls, and the dealers puts out the 6♦ on the turn.

Young checks, and Carpenter bets 4,000. Young considers for only a moment before betting three yellow chips--a raise to 15,000. Carpenter quickly moves all-in for 300 more and Young calls.

Carpenter - 4♥4♦
Young - A♣4♠

Carpenter is well ahead with his set, but Young can take the pot if an ace comes on the river. The longshot misses when the dealer completes the board with the 7♠.

Cash Carpenter - 40,200
Justin Young - 38,800

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series