Level 5 (200/400/400)
Total Entrants: 53

Halfway through Level 5, Doug Miller (pictured), who ended Keith Ferrera's first outing in the flight, is the first to build his stack above 100k.

We arrive at the table to see a hand in progress between Miller and Terry Gardner. The flop reads A♥K♠3♥, and Gardner leads for 3,200 into a pot of just over 5,000.

"How much you got behind," Miller asks, and Gardner spreads his arms to give Miller a good look. Gardner has 18,300 left in his stack.

"Okay," Miller says, and raises to 12,000. Gardner goes into the tank, thinking this one through. After a minute, he uncaps his cards and pitches them toward the muck.

Generously, Miller reveals his hand, K♦K♣, for middle set, and Gardner nods.

Doug Miller - 124,800
Terry Gardner - 18,300

Miller is the current chip leader of the flight, and the only player above 100k.


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