Level 11 (1000/2000/300)
Day 1A entries: 82
Players remaining: 22
Average chip stack: 74,545

We missed the preflop action and arrive at the table in a 3-way pot with a flop of A♦Q♠8♠ already on the felt. The big blind checks and Cash Carpenter (pictured), leads for 6,500. Dan Lowery calls on the button and the big blind folds.

The turn is the 6♦. Carpenter leads for 9,500 this time and Lowery immediately announces all-in, having Carpenter covered. Carpenter wastes little time making the call.

Carpenter - A♠9♥
Lowery - A♣3♣

Lowery will need a three to knock out Carpenter or an eight or six to chop. None of those arrive when the T♣ hits the river, and Carpenter doubles up.

Cash Carpenter - 77,700
Daniel Lowery - 19,800

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