Level 11 (1000/2000/300)
Day 1A entries: 82
Players remaining: 22
Average chip stack: 74,545

Jeff Tebben opens the pot from late position for 5,000 and gets one caller in Jay McVeigh (pictured) in the big blind. The flop comes T♦9♣3♠. McVeigh checks and Tebben continues for 8,000. McVeigh calls.

The turn brings the Q♦ and McVeigh checks it. Tebben pauses for a moment before checking it back. The river is the 5♠ and now McVeigh bets 15,000.  Tebben has around 50,000 behind and thinks it over before deciding on a call.

McVeigh turns over K♦J♠ for the nut straight and Tebben turns shows the T♣ before mucking.

"Was that a gutter?" Tebben asks. McVeigh just nods as he stacks his chips.

Jay McVeigh - 98,000
Jeff Tebben - 37,000

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