Level 2 (100/100/100)
Total Entrants: 44

Veteran RGPS player Matt Ellis (pictured) just dropped by the media table to share a hand history resulting in Paul Strohm heading to the rail.

According to Ellis, three players limped and Strohm raised to 400. Ellis called in the big blind with pocket deuces; all of the limpers called behind him. With 2,300 in the pot, the five players saw a flop of 5x5x2x.

The action checked to Strohm, who continued for 1,500. Ellis called and everyone else folded. The turn brought a Kx. Ellis checked and Strohm bet 3,000. Ellis tells us, "It would really suck if he had pocket kings here, but, I mean, whatever, it's only $575 this time, not $675, right?" Ellis called and the case deuce hit the felt on the river.

Ellis checks to Strohm, who bets 3,000. Ellis moves all in and Strohm goes into the tank.

Strohm said, "I know you don't have a five, and I know you don't have a deuce. So you must have a king."

Ellis says he responded with, "I don't have a five, I don't have a deuce, and I don't have a king."  After which, Strohm called and Ellis revealed quad deuces.

Strohm took it in stride and has re-entered the field, joining Dan Lowery and KevMath on Table 14.

Matt Ellis - 38,100

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