Level 3 (100/200/200)
Total Entrants: 45

Nam Phan (pictured) opens the pot from middle position for 600, and gets called by Christopher "Pug" Juul in the cutoff, Kevin Mathers in the hijack, Lacey Osmon on the button, William Scarsdale in the small blind, and Paul Strohm in the big blind. With 3,800 in the pot, we see a flop six ways, which comes K♦6♣2♠. Action checks to Phan, who continues for 1,600. Osmon calls, and the rest fold.

The turn brings the K♥, and Phan checks. Osmon bets 3,200 and Phan quickly calls.

The river is the 5♥, and again Phan checks it over to Osmon. Osmon wastes no time putting about a bet of 7,000. Phan snap-calls.

Lacey Osmon - A♥K♦
Nam Phan - K♠Q♠

Both players hold trip kings, but Osmon's ace kicker earns her the pot.

Lacey Osmon - 32,100
Nam Phan - 12,300

Harrah's north kansas cityMain eventRungood poker series