Level 4 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 46

RG Pro Keith Ferrera (pictured) busted his first bullet to Doug Miller on Table 15, but has rebought and joined Matt Ellis on Table 12. Apparently, he brought his RunGood with him.

We arrive at the table as the stacks are being counted down, and the players recount the action for us as Ferrera collects a pot of 44,000.

Kyle Grigsby held 7♥8♥ and made a flush when the flop came 9♥5♥4♥. Ferrera held K♦K♣ and shoved his stack of 18,900 when the 5♠ paired the board. Grigsby called, leaving Ferrera with just four outs. But drawing slim isn't the same as drawing dead, and the K♥ came on the river to give him a winning full house.

Keith Ferrera - 44,200
Kyle Grigsby - 10,400

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