Level 10 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Entrants: 63

Darol Rodrock (pictured) limps from under the gun and the action folds around to William Scarsdale in the big blind, who makes it 5,500 to go. Rodrock calls and the dealer spreads a flop of K♦6♠2♣. Scarsdale leads for 4,000 and Rodrock calls.

The turn brings the 4♦ and Scarsdale checks. Rodrock bets 5,000 and Scarsdale reaches for the 5k chips, raising to 15,000. Rodrock looks sick, and pumps his hand in what looks like frustration, but then announces he's all in.

Scarsdale rolls his eyes with a sigh and says, "I call."

Darol Rodrock - 5♥3♥
William Scarsdale - K♠Q♦

Scarsdale's top pair is drawing dead against Rodrock's made straight. The inconsequential J♣ completes the board, but Scarsdale is already making his exit as the pot is pushed.

Darol Rodrock - 145,500

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