Level 11 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Entrants: 63

Only 15 players remain in the Day 1A field, and play will be stopped at the end of Level 12 or when 11 players remain.

Cash Carpenter is getting reacquainted with Doug Miller as the two are again at the same table. Carpenter limps from under-the-gun and Miller raises to 10,000 from the small blind. Carpenter calls. Both players are deep, having over 100,000 chips in their stacks.

The flop comes T♦5♦3♦. Both players check the monotone flop. The turn is the 3♠. Miller checks again and Carpenter bets 10,000. Miller grabs 30,000 in yellow chips and seems to ponder his options before suddenly throwing all of them across the line.

Carpenter now studies Miller intently while considering what to do. After a full minute in the tank, Carpenter folds and Miller turns over A♦Q♦ for a flopped nut flush.

"Six hours later, you're still running that good?" Carpenter asks. "Wow."

Doug Miller - 191,000
Cash Carpenter - 172,000

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