Level 11 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Entrants: 137
Day 1B players remaining: 38

Seth Evans raises to 5,000 from middle position and the player in the small blind calls. Scott Blumstein shoves all-in from the big blind for 36,400. It folds back to Evans, who lets his hand go, and the player to Blumstein's right calls all-in for less.

Small blind - A♥9♥
Scott Blumstein - A♣4♠

"Are you really going to do this to me?" Blumstein asks.

"I have to," is the joking reply.

But the deck favors Blumstein when the flop falls Q♥Q♠4♦. The small blind will need a nine or running hearts to survive. It's all but over on the turn when the 4♣ appears. The small blind can only chop if a third queen completes the board.

The river brings the 2♣ and Blumstein scoops the pot.

Scott Blumstein - 70,900

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