Level 11 (1000/2000/2000)
Total Entrants: 137
Day 1B players remaining: 39

We missed the early action and arrive at the table with a flop of J♣8♣5♠ already spread. Seth Evans, first-to-act, leads for 5,000. Mark Fink (pictured) calls on the button. The turn brings the 6♣, bringing in the possible flush, and both players check.

The river Q♣ puts four clubs on board. Evans leads out for 8,000 and Fink thinks it over, cuts out calling chips, and tosses them into the middle.  Evans reveals A♦7♠ for a busted straight draw and Fink tables T♦9♣ for a flush.

Mark Fink - 69,400
Seth Evans - 41,800

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