Level 10 (800/1600/200)
Day 1B entries: 141
Total entries: 223
Day 1B players remaining: 50
Average stack (Day1B): 56,400

Jason Brin (pictured) is putting his stack to work. In the first hand, a player opens from under-the-gun to 6,000. Brin calls from the small blind and everyone else folds. The flop comes 6♦5♦2♠. Brin checks.

His opponent continues for 10,000 and Brin goes into the tank. Brin has his opponent covered with about 38,000 behind. After a half a minute, Brin calls.

The turn brins the 3♦, putting four-to-a-straight on board as well as a possible flush. Brin immediately goes all in.

Now it's his opponent's turn to tank, checking his hole cards and counting his remaining stack. After half a minute he mucks and Brin collects the pot.

On the next hand, Brin is on the button. The player in the cutoff opens for 4,000 and Brin three-bets to 15,000. The cutoff has 25,000 behind and decides to fold.

Jason Brin - 63,000


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