Level 10 (800/1600/200)
Day 1B entries: 141
Total entries: 223
Day 1B players remaining: 46
Average stack (Day1B): 61,304

As the tables are rebalanced, 46 players remain in action across five tables. Four tables are going inside the enclosed poker room, while one remains in the overflow area of the gaming floor. We checked in on that outer table, where Ray Henson, Papa Karn, James Mackey, Mark Van Keirsblick, and Jesse Mull are battling it out.

On the last hand of Level 10, Steven Shepard opens for 4,500 in middle position and Ray Henson three-bets to 20,000 from the hijack. It folds back to Shepard who moves all in for around 35,000. Henson has less behind and calls.

Steven Shepard - Q♠Q♥
Ray Henson - 9♦9♣

Shepard has Henson dominated with an overpair and Henson will need help to stay alive. Help doesn't arrive as the board runs out J♥6♥2♠4♠Q♣, eliminating Henson.

Steven Shepard - 62,400
Ray Henson - Out

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