Level 11 (1000/2000/300)
Day 1B entries: 141
Total entries: 223
Day 1B players remaining: 36
Average stack (Day1B): 78,333

We're approaching the home stretch with just over one level remaining in the day's play. With the closing bell looming, the action, like the size of the pots, is rising. Here are two hands to illustrate.

Chris Drake opens the pot pre-flop for 4,500 in middle position. John Church in the cutoff three bets all-in for around 30,000. Jason Brin, next to act, shoves over the top for around 55,000. Everyone else folds and the hands are turned up.

John Church - A♣Q♥
Jason Brin - A♥J♣

The flop comes Q♠7♦4♥, giving Church a pair of queens and leaving Brin needing running jacks for trips or running king-ten for a straight. The turn ends it when the 4♣ hits the felt, with the 7♣ to complete the board on the river.

John Church - 60,600
Jason Brin - 28,300

At the next table over, we come upon a hand three-ways on the flop. The players recounted the pre-flop action for us which went something like this: Andrew Ziskin (pictured) opened from middle position for 5,500 and was called in two spots, including by Jesse Jones in the blinds.

The flop comes A♥J♥9♣. Jones checks, Ziskin bets 13,000. The third player folds and Jones check-raises all-in for around 60,000. Ziskin calls and the hands are turned up.

Ziskin - A♦K♠
Jones - 9♥4♥

Ziskin has Jones well covered, but top pair, top kicker must fade the pair and flush outs for Jones. The turn brings the 4♣, putting Jones in the lead with two pair. Ziskin must catch an ace, jack, or king to win the hand and knock out Jones.

The river brings just what the doctor ordered, the K♦. Score one for winning it the fun way. 

With this pot, Ziskin has overtaken Day 1A chip leader Jacob Seale as the overall chip leader. With a full level of play remaining, only time will tell if he can hold onto it.

Andrew Ziskin - 251,300
Jesse Jones - Out

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