Level 4 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 127

Also during Level 3, we observed a hand between Paul Strohm (pictured) and Kyle Grigsby. We arrived at the table with 2,000 in the middle and a flop of Q♥J♠9♦ already spread.

Strohm lead the flop for 800 and Grigsby called. A third player folded and we went to the turn heads-up.

The turn was the 4♥. Strohm quickly checked. Grigsby checked behind.

The river brought the Ks. Strohm bet 1,300 and Grigsby quickly called.

Paul Strohm - K♣J♣
Kyle Grigsby - A♣K♥

Strohm's two pair are best to take the modest pot.

Paul Strohm - 29,800
Kyle Grigsby - 19,000

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