Level 4 (200/300/300)
Total Entrants: 124

You can never be too careful in a multi-way pot, as Eric Howe (pictured) clearly knows. During Level 3, we visited Table 21, where six players saw a flop in an unraised pot.  The flop came T♥9♣7♠. The blinds checked and a middle position player bet 1,200. Eric Howe called and everyone else folded.

The turn was the T♣. Again, the middle position player bet 2,000, and Howe called.

The river brought the 5♠ to the board. Once again, the middle position player lead with a bet, this time for 3,000.

Howe considered for a few moments and then called.  His opponent shook his head and turned over 8♠7♣ for two pair.

Howe revealed Q♦T♦ for trip tens and collected the pot.

Eric Howe - 28,300


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