Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Entrants: 191
Day 1C Players Remaining: 51

We missed the early action but Ted Forshey and Kelly Sims just played a big one that may have decided the chip leader.

Sims raised preflop and got a call from Forshey. The two saw a flop of A♦8♣5♣. Sims continued with a bet, followed by a shove from Forshey. Sims called and the hands were turned up.

Sims - A♥K♣
Forshey - A♣9♣

Sims is in the lead but must fade the clubs, and nines, that make up Forshey's outs.  The turn brings the 4♦ to keep Sims in the lead. Then the river brings the 6♣ to fill Forshey's flush, and Sims hits the rail.

This pot may have propelled Forshey into the chip lead. We'll bring you a list of the top stacks in an upcoming post.

Sims stopped by the media table shortly afterward to say, "Thanks for the obituary."

Tim Forshey - 248,000

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