Level 12 (1500/2500/2500)
Total Entrants: 191
Day 1C Players Remaining: 51

The last level of the night is underway. We've taken a survey of the stacks left in the room to find out who has biggest stack.

Here's what we found:

Ted Forshey - 248,000
Dan Lowery - 235,000
Sarah Zeluf - 136,500
Robert Wetsel - 135,000
Saied Moradi - 127,000
Doug Glasscock - 124,000
Huey Long - 104,000
Nick Behl - 103,000
Joe Nahon - 99,000

Of course, with short stacks shoving at this point in the tournament, the chip lead is by no means secure. Soon, the clock will be stopped and a final few hands will be played before the surviving players bag for the night.  We'll bring you all the official chip counts and the end of the night.

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