Level 6 (300/600/75)
Day 1C entries: 170

Checking on Table 14, Dan Lowery has moved to an outer table while Eric Bunch, Tim Black (pictured), and Greg Jennings remain. We arrive as a pot between Jennings and Black is unfolding, but following the hand we were told of a previous hand that bears weight.

A hand (or several) earlier, Tim Black opened for 2,200 and Jennings called. The flop came ten-high and the two got their stacks in the middle on the flop. Black held pocket kings against Jennings jack-ten. The kings held and Black doubled up. This left Jennings with around 16,000 to start the current hand.

Black opens from early position for 2,200 and gets two callers. Jennings three-bet shoves for 16,000. Black calls and the others fold.

Tim Black - A♦T♦
Greg Jennings - K♠K♦

Jennings is in great shape to get some chips back and the flop changes little: J♠4♦3♥. The turn is the 6♦, giving Black a flush draw for a little sweat. The flush comes in for Black on the river with the 8♦, and we watch as Jennings re-enters and retakes the same seat.

Tim Black - 59,600

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