Level 8 (500/1000/100)
Day 1C entries: 185

Jamie Kerstetter opens from early position for 2,300 of her 15,700 stack. The player to her left calls as does Clay Herbison in the small blind. The dealer spreads a flop of Q♣9♥8♦.

Herbison checks and Kerstetter continues for 2,400. Both opponents call. The turn brings the 7♠. Herbison checks and Kerstetter thinks for a few seconds before going all in for her last 10,000.  Her first opponent calls immediately while Herbison thinks for a bit before committing chips to call.

The river is the 6♣, putting four-to-a-straight on board. It's Herbison's turn to act, but his opponent announces all-in, out of turn, and the floor is called. Both players have 50,000-55,000 chips behind at this point in the hand.

The floor gets the recap from the dealer and asks Herbison what he'd like to do.

"If I check, will he have to go all in?"

"I'm sorry, I can't answer that," the floor replies.

After a minute of thought, Herbison checks and his opponent announces all-in. Herbison snap-calls and the hands are turned up.

Clay Herbison - K♣T♣
Opponent - J♠8♠
Kerstetter - Q♠Q♦

Herbison's straight against Kerstetter's set of queens and the third player's pair of eights.

"Oh, I thought I had jack-ten," the third player says when he sees his hand.

Herbison had 49,475 and wins the massive three-way pot.

Clay Herbison - 116,300

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